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How Vertical Storage Helps with Warehouse Management Optimisation

The best usage of warehouse floor space through automation and optimal usage of vertical storage space, improving workflow efficiency and keeping current with new technological developments can be challenging tasks. Not addressing issues in the warehouse that cause workflow bottlenecks, reduce efficiency and cause unnecessary floor space usage can lead to: Cost increases, which eat…

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Warehouse Automation?

Warehouse automation started back in the sixties with the introduction of the first automated storage and retrieval system, known in the industry as AS/RS. However, it has taken quite a few years for technology to develop to the level of full warehouse automation as is possible today. If your firm has not yet taken steps…

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3 Effective Pallet Storage Solutions for Modern Warehouses

eCommerce is fast gaining track. With South Africa becoming heavily reliant on product importation, the warehouse industry is also growing at a quicker pace. To stay competitive in the ever-growing import and product distribution industry, it has become essential to look at more advanced pallet storage solutions. Warehouses must operate at maximum efficiency. This also…

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Now Available: Vertical Lift Models to Streamline Storage and Retrieval

Vertical lift models make it possible to maximise warehouse storage space. Higher density storage is possible, helping warehouses to become more space-efficient without compromising on the speed of storage and retrieval. These solutions even improve productivity and storage volume handling. As a proud supplier of the esteemed Hänel range of vertical lift models, we can…

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How an Automated Pallet Shuttle System Improves Warehouse Efficiency

It’s all about efficiency in the modern business world. As a result, new ways to make better use of space, reduce mistakes, cut costs and maximise productivity are at the order of the day. Hence, the automated pallet shuttle system, which makes high-density and deep-lane storage possible. Automated storage & retrieval systems (AS/RS) hold several…

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Get the Next-Generation Pallet Storage System to Improve Warehouse Flexibility and Efficiency

Want scalability, flexibility, simplicity and efficiency in a pallet storage system? Then you will appreciate the revolutionary Omni-Mole® as an automated high-density warehouse solution. It’s the follow-up system to our well-known and widely used Pallet Mole®. The Omni-Mole® takes automation to a new level as it maximises the potential of deep lane storage to save…

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Sortation System for Courier Companies

The Fastest and Best Sortation System for Courier Companies in South Africa   Whether you operate a product distribution centre or a courier & logistics operation, being able to sort products quickly and accurately is crucial for profitability, fast service delivery, and accuracy. To this end, investment in a quality sortation system, made for handling…

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Trends in Warehouse Automation Systems

Notable Trends in the Development of Warehouse Automation Systems   Automation systems, according to an article published in Forbes (Steve Banker: June 31, 2020), are expected to become the preferred method of operation for warehouses in the near future.   With sortation and conveyor systems high on the priority list, in addition to shuttle systems,…

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Benefits of Using A Pallet Shuttle System

How to Increase Storage Density Using a Pallet Shuttle System   A pallet shuttle system enables the handling of larger volumes of single SKU pallets while also making it easier to handle the intensive load and unload operations. It is a deep storage and high-density solution for automation of warehouse operations. With this, forklifts are…

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Next Generation Warehouse Automation Solution

Get to Know the Next Generation Warehouse Automation Solution   Warehouse automation has taken a leap forward into the future with the Omni-Mole® Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS). It is a next-generation solution that simplifies, streamlines and optimises high-density pallet storage with characteristics like:   Flexibility Scalability Efficiency   What is the Omni-Mole®?  …

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