Value-added services
SMS offers its clients value-added services and support expertise that includes design, analysis, project management, installation, training and after-sales support.

The company’s aim across all these services is to focus on capital investment in both existing equipment and systems that will increase clients’ operational productivity and tax efficiency.

The SMS approach
SMS takes a sound approach to utilising the systems or infrastructure, which a client already has in place, and enhancing it to optimal standards.

It is the company’s firm belief that looking merely at the external (such as a new facility) only serves as a shell for housing operations. Emphasis is therefore always placed on the heart of the facility (no matter the shell) as it is this operational core that benefits most from SMS’ value added services, concluding in a reduction of operational expenses and an increase in optimisation of handling and storage systems.

SMS’ expertise thus lies in:

  • Advanced analytics of clients’ current and historical distribution and warehouse operational data for superlative recommendations;
  • Conceptual, simulation, software and equipment design for peak intralogistics efficiency;
  • Refurbishing existing equipment for immediate, short- and long-term demands; and
  • Installing solutions by an internationally trained team for fast business continuity

Numerous years of project management experience has also enabled SMS to execute these services within best governance practices and standards – from design phase, through to commissioning, the start of production and during operation.

In addition, the company’s on-site training ensures a smooth transition and adoption of new methods and equipment by all employees.

Clients are also assured of a superior after-sales support that is concentrated on minimising downtime. SMS offers its clients a prompt response, 24/7 assistance and adequate stock of all critical spare parts.

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