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Storage Management's FAM System is a High-Density Automated Storage "Lift & Run" System to store palletised loads in deep storage. This system provides the highest density storage with the highest throughput capability.

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About Us:

Storage Management Systems (SMS) is a turnkey intralogistics solutions provider with the expertise to optimise the entire flow of materials, goods, stock and parts of a distribution centre or warehouse – no matter what size – to accommodate today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the warehousing and automation industry, SMS is especially adept at assisting its clients to improve profitability and gain the competitive edge. It does this by creating innovative solutions that not only optimise, but also integrate and automate the logistical flow of both materials and information within a distribution centre or warehouse.

Some of our clients:

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The reliability of the Pallet Mole is a “hundred times” better than similar equipment we have used before. On the maintenance side, we save about 30-40% in comparison to the competitor equipment utilised before.

Mr Raath
Nampak Logistics

The benefit that we are getting is an improvement of 30% increased capacity in relation to standard warehousing.

Mr Padiyachy
Director Key Accounts - Value City

We are able to get optimum benefit from this system. With confidence, we are in the position to accurately establish the status of any product within that location.

Mr Padiyachy
Director Key Accounts - Value City