Our expertise as Intralogistics System Integrators enables us to fully understand the idiosyncrasies between a physical hardware environment and virtual operational software environment. Our software systems are thus developed around the operational requirements, taking cognizance of the physical material handling and storage limitations.

Control-IT LOGO When controlling equipment in a warehouse there needs to be a central location that is managing all the valuable equipment. Control-IT takes on this role. It works as a proprietary warehouse control system (WCS) with the following functionality:
  • An automated control system to manage resources (Pallet Mole™, MTC, pallet lift, conveyors, etc.) to mobilize stock and allocate the best resource for the specific task.
  • Conveyor control, flow management and emergency sequences.
  • Human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) for monitoring equipment.
  • Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) effectively manages the resources in warehouse by allocating the best resource for the task.
  • Provides reports for management & control
  • Recommended dynamic, pro-active advice scheduling of receiving
  • System Fault-Finding made easy through problem visualization and also remote-diagnostic
  Storage Management WCS - ControlIt Gui


The primary purpose of a warehouse is to store and move material. For this to be optimized, full traceability of stock is required. Track-it is the software package that optimizes this process. It is our proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) which manages the process of tracking, monitoring, validating and managing inventory.


Functions of Track-IT:

  • Directs pallet movement
  • Collects inventory information
  • Reports for management & control & load planning
  • Ageing control
  • Quarantining
  • % available free space
  • FIFO/LIFO or batch control
  • Integrates with warehouse processes and various ERP systems



  • Affordable system with no annual license fees.
  • Optimization of supply chain
  • Vital warehouse statistics are recorded
  • Actual perpetual stock vs. Virtual.
  • Standard ERP interface to ‘shared tables
  • User friendly
  • Security & traceability of employee activities and performance


Custom Automation Software
SMS Custom softwareAs there is no “silver bullet” in warehousing, Storage Management Systems can assist when you have the need for a custom developed software system. Sometimes the solution to the encountered problem has to be developed from scratch. This sort of development can be through PLC development on the warehouse floor (Siemens, OMRON, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi) or through desktop application development in the office (C#, SQL, Visual Basic) or even both. This sort of dynamic development environment allows us to provide a solution that spans from start to finish. Not only that, but it allows us to develop an ongoing solution in conjunction with our clients. One of the key principles at Storage Management Systems is the belief that we can further optimize the storage space and efficiency and often this involves directly improving the operational software.
Size, Weight & Dimensioning
A key element in the material handling industry is the sizing of items within a warehouse environment, production facility or distribution centre. A major challenge constantly faced in the measuring industry is accurate sizing and high throughput. Measuring of goods can be very timeously with the risk of human error. However, we have developed completely stable solutions to these problems. Storage Management Systems employ intelligent, highly efficient algorithms that allow us to achieve incredible tolerances whilst maintaining rapid stock throughput. If throughput is not a concern, our static systems utilize high-grade laser equipment and completely natural interfaces to make the user experience not only simple but enjoyable too. Our ONYX system allows for an error free solution to your cubing and weight measurement challenges. The ONYX system seamlessly integrates into any Warehouse Management System, whereby dimensional weight information are uploaded to the Warehouse Management System. This integration eliminates human capturing errors, ensures dynamic and up-to-date data availability and improves storage planning which ultimately leads to better space utilisation. This is an essential tool for accurate freight manifesting. The quick volumetric weight checking allows for more reliable customer billing, as well as load planning. Optional extras
  • Barcode scanner
  • Label printer
  • Trolley for mobile option
  • Historic data base for tracking & reporting purpose
  • Different machine colours
  Dimensioning - ONYX