3 Effective Pallet Storage Solutions for Modern Warehouses

eCommerce is fast gaining track. With South Africa becoming heavily reliant on product importation, the warehouse industry is also growing at a quicker pace. To stay competitive in the ever-growing import and product distribution industry, it has become essential to look at more advanced pallet storage solutions.

Warehouses must operate at maximum efficiency. This also means using space optimally, reducing the time it takes to store articles, retrieve the same and keep track of product movement. With the conventional systems it can become a challenging task at best to ensure optimal space usage, reduce costs, improve productivity, increase profits and keep product flow going. This is why more and more companies look towards automation solutions as available from SMS.

Pallet Storage

We discuss three of our solutions below, helping you gain insight as to the working and potential of these systems.

1. Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)

Each warehouse is unique. As such, you may not be ready for full automation, but want the benefits of an efficient way to store products and maximise the potential of space savings. To this end, our APR system gives you the flexibility you need to make better use of your available space. The APR is adjustable, ensuring it can fit your warehouse setting.

Counter-balance forklifts, turret trucks or reach trucks can operate in the space. With this solution it is possible to create a narrow aisle system, which means you can store more products in your warehouse while still being able to have safe operation of forklifts and reach trucks.

With the APR available from us, you can store most types of pallets, giving you optimal storage flexibility. It enables better usage of the headroom while products are accessible because of selective picking operations. The system is made for carrying heavy loads. If you need extra strength for excessively heavy loads, then you will appreciate the option for adding more beams. We can install the system quickly and should a component suffer damage, you will be able to replace it equally fast. With this design, a wide range of articles can be stored.

2. Drive-In Racking

Need a solution for deep storing? Then the drive-in racking system is the answer. It comes with support rails, which enable forklifts to drive into the rack system for deep storage. With this design, you can store products high up and still have superb access to the items. This is the system to choose if you want to make the best use of the available space, have a low turn-over, need a large stock holding capacity per SKU or need a system for cool room or freezer environments.

With this system you can increase floor space usage with up to 50% and benefit from high capacity and density storage at a cost-effective price.

3. Omni-MoleĀ® for Automation of Pallet Storage

Ready to take automation a step further? Then the Omni-MoleĀ® system is the solution. It is a high-density and exceptionally flexible system for product storage. The system is cart-based and designed for deep lane pallet storage. It is scalable, uses simplified technology and provides for fully automated pallet count. With such, you can keep track of the loads, have the products placed and retrieved accurately, and reduce the cost of labour. Use maximum space and do away with aisles. The system is well-suited for rack-clad buildings.

Get an overview of the available solutions to help you improve warehouse operations. Learn more about our range of pallet storage solutions here.


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