Now Available: Vertical Lift Models to Streamline Storage and Retrieval

Vertical lift models make it possible to maximise warehouse storage space. Higher density storage is possible, helping warehouses to become more space-efficient without compromising on the speed of storage and retrieval. These solutions even improve productivity and storage volume handling.

As a proud supplier of the esteemed Hänel range of vertical lift models, we can offer you technology that facilitates superior protection of goods while rationalising the storage function. In this article, we walk you through the features and benefits of using the Hänel Lean-Lift® solution as the epitome of space-saving technology and one of the best vertical lift models in the world.

Vertical Lift Models

Leading the pack of sophisticated vertical lift models

Offering a close system, the model features computer control for positioning with the storage shelving at its back and front. Container-based storage at high levels is possible because of the unique technology offered. The computer-controlled extractor removes and places items at the ideal height.

Whereas many vertical models cater mainly to general warehousing, this unit is well-suited for a wide range of industries including electrical engineering, automotive, pharmaceutical, aviation, mail-order, wholesale product storage, and medical product facilities.

If you’re looking for vertical models that can streamline product protection, retrieval and dispatching, then this system is the answer.

How do Vertical Lift Models work?

The extractor handles the storage and retrieval of containers as requested through the control panel. These are transferred from the storage area to the area for collection.. With this straightforward process, workers don’t have to search for products, walk up and down lanes and risk injuries related to the retrieval of products from high shelves.

What are the advantages – setting the system apart from other vertical models?

The Hänel Lean-Lift® advantages make specialised warehousing possible. Save space, improve efficiency and protect items with these advantages:

  • Exceptionally fast storing and retrieving of products help you to save time and increase volume capacity.
  • Using the system, you can get up to 60% more storage in the same space as when using conventional warehousing systems.
  • Maximise usage of vertical storage space because of the innovative technology, helping you to use your available space instead of having to rent additional space to accommodate more products.
  • Reduce the need for usage of heavy machinery to elevate, store and retrieve heavy and bulky items as this system has a high load and weight capacity – with up to 1000 kg load-bearing capacity per container.
  • Each system can carry up to 50 000 kg at a time, making it possible to store many heavy items, as needed in the automotive and aviation storage industries.
  • Materials are delivered to the operator (goods-to-man) and not the other way around – saving you tremendous time and exponentially increasing your volume handling capacity.
  • Built-in security helps to eliminate the risk of theft and unauthorised usage.
  • Unlike many other models that can only handle a specific type of load, with this system you can store and retrieve dissimilar items.
  • Ergonomic design that helps to minimise the physical effort and strain required in storage and retrieval. This translates into a safer and healthier work environment with a lower risk of costly accidents.

Vertical Lift Models – Final thoughts

Regardless of the industry, you can optimise storage and retrieval of a wide range of products with the Hänel Lean-Lift®. Take your warehousing operations to a higher level. Reach out for information on these unique vertical lift models.


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