Sortation System for Courier Companies

The Fastest and Best Sortation System for Courier Companies in South Africa


Whether you operate a product distribution centre or a courier & logistics operation, being able to sort products quickly and accurately is crucial for profitability, fast service delivery, and accuracy. To this end, investment in a quality sortation system, made for handling high volumes, makes sense.


We have partnered with MHS VanRiet, one of the most reputable material handling equipment manufacturers in the world, to bring you the HC Sorter. MHS VanRiet has more than seven decades experience in the manufacturing of material handling equipment and it shows in their HC Sorter, which can sort multiple products with ease.


The HC Sorter a close-deck sliding shoe sorter that can handle large volumes at superfast speed. Indeed, it is one of the fastest closed-deck shoe sortation systems in the world, able to sort at 3 metres per second.  It is also one of the only types that feature a completely close-deck system, which is why it has such a low noise emission level. Furthermore, the close-deck eliminates the risk of pollutants entering and damaging the system or products.  With this design, fewer breakdowns and less time required for maintenance, ensure optimal productivity in sortation.


With courier operations entailing the use of polybags and boxes, it is crucial to prevent damage to the packaging. This is possible when using the HC Sorter, noted for its gentle handling of items. MHS VanRiet has also designed a single-side type that reduces the intervals or distances required between items as it contains a wedge solution that prevents damage to items, which may have gotten stuck between the shoe components. With this system, it is possible to reduce the margin required between the parcels. In turn, this means being able to sort more items in a given period.


MHS VanRiet understands the sortation needs of their clients, proven by the modular design of the HC Sorter. This makes it possible to meet the design needs of the clients. An example is the option of adding a belt or roller conveyor to the overflow part of the system. The HC Sorter entails a design that features narrow slats and high-speed slats for maximum sorting capacity.


The manufacturer has designed the sortation system to include noise absorbing components, enabling low-noise sorting. Why is it important? Healthier work environments are part of sustainability goals. With lower noise emission in the workplace, it is possible to create a better work environment.


Why is the HC Sorter beneficial for courier companies in South Africa?


Courier companies work against time. The firms need solutions to speed up their sorting capacity. With the speed that the HC sorter can work, it is by far the best sortation system for the task. In addition, accuracy in sorting is essential to avoid customer complaints, damage payouts and delays in parcel deliveries. The very design of the sortation system is for accurate sorting of parcels regardless of different heights, sizes and weights. Finally, they need a solution that minimises the risk of product damage and which can operate 24/7. Again, the HC Sorter meets the requirements.


Want to know more about the HC Sorter?


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