Trends in Warehouse Automation Systems

Notable Trends in the Development of Warehouse Automation Systems


Automation systems, according to an article published in Forbes (Steve Banker: June 31, 2020), are expected to become the preferred method of operation for warehouses in the near future.


With sortation and conveyor systems high on the priority list, in addition to shuttle systems, companies not deploying these solutions over the next few years will be left behind. Their operation costs will remain high, storage capacity limited, and product-flow insufficient to compete with companies that have migrated from manual or partial automation to full warehouse automation systems.


According to the article in Forbes, research on the topic of AS/RS shows that usage of shuttle systems is on the increase. Such systems make it possible to maximise storage density, as well as eliminate the aisle system and thereby make it possible to say goodbye to forklifts. Warehouse automation systems revolutionise the way products are stored, space used and items retrieved. These also help to reduce labour costs.


Even with all the advantages associated with automating operations, far too many companies still rely on manual storage or limited use of automation technologies. What is certain is the fact that automation fast-tracks operations and companies that do embrace the advantages that the systems bring, can expect a solid return on their investment in such solutions.


Repetitive tasks are usually labour and time-intensive. Also, done with only partial machine assistance, errors creep in. Reliance on outdated methods negatively affects the bottom line because of situations related to damaged products, lost items, products being out of stock, the time it takes to retrieve items, and more. Automating processes makes it possible to handle repetitive tasks accurately.


Where to start?


Getting the most from the automating process starts with proper planning. In this regard, it makes sense to get in experts for the provision of warehouse automation solutions. We recommend getting in touch with our consultants to help you determine which solutions to implement and how to make the transformation from your current systems and layouts to the new solutions.


How we help


Layout optimisation is essential to fully exploit the benefits of automating processes. Whether you only want to improve receiving operations, picking and staging, storage or the entire operation, you can rely on us for expert guidance.


With more than two decades in the industry and a proven track record in the manufacturing and supply of warehouse automation solutions, we have the equipment and expertise to help you take your storage capacity to the next level.


We offer storage, material handling, and software & control solutions. Clients also benefit from our range of value-added services that include support expertise, which entails from analysis to design, installation, project management, and training. With superb after-sales support, we help you get the best ROI with warehouse automation.


What next?


Download our company brochure for an overview of SMS and our abilities. For more information on our range of warehouse automation solutions view the various solution categories, and get in touch for help in determining which components or systems will work best for your operations.




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