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Improve Distribution With Automated Sorting

How Automated Sorting Improves Product Distribution Efficiency   Automated sorting systems have revolutionised the parcel distribution industry in recent years. From courier companies to e-commerce, online central shopping facilities, all benefit from using automation in sortation to improve efficiency.   In this article, we provide insight as to the benefits of automated sorting relevant to…

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Vertical Storage

Three Reasons to Automate Vertical Storage Operations   Automated vertical storage systems improve space usage efficiency and accessibility to stored products. Three top reasons for using Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) technologies are shared below, helping you to see how you can optimise space usage, increase operation efficiency, and improve product safety.   Best…

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Discover One of the Best Sortation Systems

Best Sortation Systems to Optimise Courier Efficiency   A shift in consumer buying behaviour from in-store purchases to an increased reliance on online shopping facilities has led to a tremendous increase in the demand for courier, product distribution and logistics services.  Companies operating within these industries require highly efficient sortation systems to meet the demand…

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Pallet Storage in the Warehouse

How to Optimise High-Density Pallet Storage in the Warehouse   High-density storage capacity is limited with adjustable pallet racking (APR), driven-in racking, double-deep and very narrow aisle (VNA) solutions.   A new solution is needed, and the answer lies with the semi-automated Pallet Mole® deep lane storage system and the fully automated Omni-Mole® AS/RS system…

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Choosing an Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Omni-Mole® vs Fixed Aisle Stacker Cranes?   An effective automated storage and retrieval system helps to streamline warehouse operations. Improved product handling, reduced labour costs and better item traceability are some of the benefits. However, the conventional fixed aisle stacker cranes have limitations. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to overcome these limitations…

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Automated Pallet Uses

Automated Pallet Storage and Retrieval Systems are the Future   There has been and continues to be a considerable amount of controversy regarding the role of automation in the workplace. The majority of criticism comes from employees who believe technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence will rob them of their jobs and the incomes…

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Impact of Pallet Storage

The Impact of Pallet Storage on the Modern Warehouse   The origin of warehousing is older than most people might think. The earliest form was probably the granary. This would have been a simple shelter that served to store any excess grain harvested during the good years to provide a reserve for the villagers in…

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Automated Storage for Warehouses

Automated Storage – The Future of Warehousing   Acquiring sufficient space and using it as thoroughly and effectively as possible has long been the average warehouse owner’s two main problems. Despite various innovations, the picking and packing of goods have remained essentially manual tasks – a factor that has tended to contribute to the inefficient…

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Pallet Shuttle System For Increased Storage

Increase your Storage Space with a Pallet Mole® System   The development of forklifts, together with pallets and the specialised racking designed to support them, represented a major step forward in warehousing. Together, these innovations allowed operatives to stack goods to greater heights and thus to make use of the vertical space that had previously…

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Automated Storage and Retrieval System Explained

The Automated Storage and Retrieval System Explained   Warehouses and distribution centres have become as crucial to today’s society as hospitals and schools. In most cases, they perform the role of intermediaries in an extensive consumer supply chain. As such, their combined task is to act as the all-important bridge between producers and retailers. In…

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