How Vertical Storage Helps with Warehouse Management Optimisation

The best usage of warehouse floor space through automation and optimal usage of vertical storage space, improving workflow efficiency and keeping current with new technological developments can be challenging tasks. Not addressing issues in the warehouse that cause workflow bottlenecks, reduce efficiency and cause unnecessary floor space usage can lead to:

  • Cost increases, which eat into profits.
  • Lower productivity.
  • Longer turn-around times.
  • Reduced competitiveness.
  • Unsafe workspaces.
  • Lower return on investment.
Vertical Storage

Best practices for successful warehouses include:

  • Streamlining storing processes.
  • Optimising usage of space.
  • Improving control over stock movement.
  • Processing transactions quickly.
  • Processing sales orders fast and efficiently.
  • Moving, storing and retrieving stock quickly.

Even when following best practices in warehouse management, you can still face challenges because of the lack of technology to ensure optimal product flow, easy storing, and improved control. In addition, you may not have the right infrastructure, automation software and equipment to maximise floor space usage, ensure best workflow, and optimal product control.

What is the solution? Vertical Storage!

Look no further than our range of vertical storage solutions, which include static to automated solutions. Whether you need improved shelving, software control systems, vertical lift models or fully automated systems, we can help.

An example being the vertical lift models, which we offer from the renowned Hänel Storage Systems brand. As the official agents for the brand locally, we are able to offer clients extremely reliable and efficient lift solutions from the brand including the Hänel Lean-Lift® that rationalises storage space and protects the stored products.

The solution entails a close system that maximises the use of vertical storage space. The products are stored in the vertical cabinet and retrieved using a lift controlled through software. The cabinets are at the front and back of the extractor lift, which positions and retrieves the articles. To retrieve an item, is as straightforward as instructing the system to collect the specific container. The item is delivered to the delivery bay at the correct height. It is the perfect solution for a warehouse storing automotive, engineering, aviation or pharmaceutical articles.

Another example of our ingenious solutions for improved space usage, better product flow management and optimised operations is the Omni-Mole®. This is one of our flagship solutions. As the next generation shuttle translation solution to the Pallet Mole® platform, it makes shuttle movement on a two-dimensional plane possible. The solution is used in conjunction with our vertical transfer unit (VTU), which makes it possible for the Omni-Mole® to get to pallets at any of the levels in the high-density rack system.

We also offer storage and retrieval cranes, designed to lift and store unit loads in warehouse environments featuring high bays. With these cranes it is possible to store loads in racks as high as 24 metres. These cranes come with telescopic forks for load handling and are well-suited for multi-depth storage in channel warehouse settings.

Vertical Storage – To wrap it up

Optimising vertical storing capacity through the use of resourceful technologies enables you to reduce floor space usage, improve product flow, protect products, reduce storing and retrieving time and reduce costs. Find out how we can help you overcome warehouse management issues with our range of storage solutions here.


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