What Storage Management Systems does
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Storage solutions & Warehouse storage solutions

Storage Systems, Racking, Shelving, Warehousing

Storage solutions and warehouse storage solutions are what we are best at and our proven track record reflects that. Our main business activities are design, manufacture, installation and support of intra-logistic solutions including storage systems, pallet mole racking, racking and shelving, warehousing and more

Expertise is available to analyze your existing operations and to propose systems design options to meet your immediate, short and long term demands.

SMS has the resources necessary to offer turnkey contracts inclusive of project management options. SMS has wholly owned subsidiary company operating in the United States of America. This international operation provides further financial strength and support to SMS.



Current Products - Pallet Mole Racking, Rack & Shelving, Hanel Storage Systems, Live Carton, Mezzanine Floors, Onyx, Other Equipment

Hanel Storage Systems

The Hanel storage systems are the ultimate space saver storage system which offers immense quality and variable shelf heights. Benefits of Hanel Storage Systems: protects all documents form damage, high-performance control unit and optimum utilization of floor space. Make this a warehousing storage investment.

Pallet Mole Racking

Pallet mole racking is the efficient and great method to warehouse storage and racking solutions. Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually, providing rapid handling of palletised goods. Benefits of Pallet Racking: very low cost per pallet stored, batch FIFO operation possible, less product damage and more SKUís can be stored.

Racking and Shelving

Storage Management Solutions offer a great selection of racking and shelving including static racking, mobile racking, live pallet racking, pallet mole racking, drive-in racking, push-back racking, cantilever racking & mobile shelving. They have the ability to withstand long and heavy loads with maximum storage capacity.


Current Products - Pallet Mole Racking, Rack & Shelving, Hanel Storage Systems, Live Carton, Mezzanine Floors, Onyx, Other Equipment

Onyx Dimensioning and Weighing

Cubing and weight measurement systems (dimensioners) makes high speed weighing and dimensioning of boxes in factories a breeze. As a cubing and weight measurement system, integrated into any Warehouse Management System, accurate dimensional weight (or volumetric weight) data is captured, without human measurement errors. It is an effective solution to dimensioning and weighing!

Warehouse Mezzanine Floors & Live Carton

This is the complete integration service for elevated floor systems and a must for any warehouse storage. Live carton storage use gravity to provide automatic FIFO operation for increased picking rates. Mezzanine flooring is demountable to suit your changing needs and customization needs. It offers massive benefits to warehouse storage and will be the best storage investment you can make.

Other Equipment

Other equipment on offer to complete your warehousing requirements include warehouse structures, warehouse management systems, gondola shelving, cardboard bins, plastic bins, special cage pallets & stillages, fork lift trucks & stacker cranes. Call us today to make your every storage need a reality!