Pallet Storage in the Warehouse

How to Optimise High-Density Pallet Storage in the Warehouse


High-density storage capacity is limited with adjustable pallet racking (APR), driven-in racking, double-deep and very narrow aisle (VNA) solutions.


A new solution is needed, and the answer lies with the semi-automated Pallet Mole® deep lane storage system and the fully automated Omni-Mole® AS/RS system which enable maximum use of available storing space.


Meet the Pallet Mole® Deep Lane Storage System


This solution is perfect for applications where compact products are vertically stored, such as in freezers where operating temperatures are as low as -30°C. Our semi-automatic solution is easy to use, highly reliable and flexible. It improves safety in the warehouse environment, while it also saves time in storing and retrieving goods. With low operational and maintenance costs, it is the perfect system for the modern warehouse environment.


How Does it Work?


With on-board rechargeable batteries, the system operates on a rail that forms part of the specifically designed rack system, consisting of tunnels. It uses the positioning sensors together with a lift platform to load the palletised goods and transport the pallet to the furthest available space within the storage lane. The forklift driver uses a remote control or smart device to instruct the Pallet Mole® shuttles to store and retrieve goods.


Features to Enable Optimised Pallet Storage include, but are not limited to:


  • Electro-mechanical lift and track – helps to reduce downtime and associated maintenance expenses.
  • AC-driven – low energy usage and reduced maintenance expenses with subsequent improved reliability.
  • Regenerative break system – increases operating time as the battery life is extended by 20%.
  • Operational warning system – improves warehouse safety and efficiency.
  • Autonomous control and positioning – accurate placement and improved efficiency.
  • Exchangeable battery – battery is easy to remove and replace, allowing for non-stop operation 24/7.
  • Four control options – Wi-Fi controller, Wi-Fi enabled smart device, Wi-Fi network for semi-automated, and Wi-Fi network for fully automated operation.


The shuttles are monitored with the sophisticated, yet easy-to-use and navigate mole management system (MMS). Work hours, power consumption and operational statistics are at hand whenever required. This facilitates pro-active analysis and steps for improving efficiency.


Ready to Take it a Step Further with Full Automation?


Consider our new innovation, the Omni-Mole® fully automated bi-directional shuttle system, ideal for high volume and low SKU loads. It is a cart-based Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) with excellent scalability and capacity for high density storage. The revolutionary design of the Omni-Mole® system simplifies and optimises storage beyond imagination.


Here’s How:


  • Ultra-flexible –  Different SKU’s can be stored in the same storage lane.
  • Scalable – add more shuttles and Vertical Transfer Units (VTU) to increase throughput needs.
  • Maximise space usage – with up to 50% capacity improvement over conventional AS/RS stacker crane systems, where there is no limit to the depth of the storage lane.
  • Configure according to needs – easily configure the system to meet specific facility features.
  • Improve stock accuracy – with fully automated perpetual counting during low usage or non-usage periods where pallets in the system are counted and compared with the data in the database.


Want to learn more?


Get in touch for more information on how you can reduce costs, optimise space usage, improve efficiency and lower costs with our dynamic pallet storage solutions.




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