Improve Distribution With Automated Sorting

How Automated Sorting Improves Product Distribution Efficiency


Automated sorting systems have revolutionised the parcel distribution industry in recent years. From courier companies to e-commerce, online central shopping facilities, all benefit from using automation in sortation to improve efficiency.


In this article, we provide insight as to the benefits of automated sorting relevant to distributors and courier firms. You will also learn about two innovative solutions, which can help your company make the best use of resources.


With the increased volume of online orders and subsequent parcel deliveries required over the past few years, distribution centres can no longer rely on hand sortation. It is simply too time consuming. In addition, incorrect sortation leads to lost parcels, customer frustration and extra costs associated with re-routing the parcels. Here are the main advantages of converting to automated sorting practices:


Reduction in the time it takes to sort and distribute products


Automation makes it possible to sort more parcels of various sizes faster than is possible by humans. Time savings are essential in the distribution business. Clients expect their orders to be shipped as soon as possible. With automated sorting technologies, distribution centres can ensure faster distribution of parcels.


Reduce errors, which equal cost savings


Every sorting error costs the distributor money. With intelligent sortation, such errors are minimised. This translates into cost savings for the distributor.


Lower cost to company


High labour costs contribute to higher product prices. To achieve the same efficiency as is possible with sortation automation, many workers must be employed. They require rest periods to be efficient. Strikes related to wages can bring an entire distribution operation to its knees. Employees need sick and annual leave, bonuses, and more. Rather than having employees perform highly repetitive tasks, the distribution company can reduce its workforce and use the employees in other income-generating operations. The machines require minimum downtime, are energy-efficient and do not add to the labour cost profile.


Which automated sorting technologies to use?


SMS offers a host of material handling solutions relevant to courier, pharmaceutical, and distribution industries. The company stays current with the sortation needs of clients, advances in automation and solutions that can speed up material handling. Two of the technologies available are:


  • HC Shoe Sorter
  • IQ Grid


HC Sorter


As a MHS Vanriet Material Handling Systems product, the HC Sorter is exceptionally reliable and durable. Both these characteristics are important to minimise down-time and mistakes. This sorter operates on a slide-shoe basis whereby the products are gently and accurately guided onto the conveyors feeding to the outlet. Due to its unique design, it can manage a wide range of products. If you are looking for a high-volume automated sorting device that features low noise emission, then this is the perfect system for your application. Because it can handle various parcel types and sizes, it is well-suited for the courier industry. Download the HC Sorter brochure for more information.

HC Sorter - Automated Sorting



The IQ-Grid makes it possible to have a central product merge & sort location. Several modules can be operated with one drive. The high-capacity sorting solution is modular in design and can thus be scaled according to the client’s sortation needs. It is also an easy-to-maintain system. View the IQ-Grid system here.


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