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Best Sortation Systems to Optimise Courier Efficiency


A shift in consumer buying behaviour from in-store purchases to an increased reliance on online shopping facilities has led to a tremendous increase in the demand for courier, product distribution and logistics services.  Companies operating within these industries require highly efficient sortation systems to meet the demand for fast product delivery.


The courier industry relies on the fast and accurate sorting of parcels to ensure faster and more cost-effective distribution of products. One of the many challenges is the handling of different size parcels. Another challenge is the need for handling fragile packages without compromising on the speed of sorting. Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible to improve sorting operations, while also reducing costs.


How We Solve Sorting Issues for the Courier and E-Commerce Industries


We have partnered with one of the most trusted manufacturers of sortation systems to bring courier companies a world class sorting solution. Read on to discover more about the solution that has revolutionised the courier and e-commerce industries.


More About the Manufacturer


MHS Vanriet is a well-established brand with over 70 years’ experience in the manufacturing of sortation systems. The firm has the know-how, research & development expertise, and commitment to meet client needs to ensure their sortation systems provide maximum efficiency.


HC Sorter: Meet the Solution to Sorting Problems in the Courier Industry


The modular design of the sorter makes it possible to scale up or down as needed. It uses the “sliding-shoe” method for product guidance to the out-feed conveyor system. With this technology the system can sort multiple products, making it a high-capacity solution that is well-suited for handling fragile packages. The low noise emission level certainly adds to its sustainability profile.


What Puts the HC Sorter in the Lead When it Comes to Sortation Systems?


The system can handle various sizes, shapes and weights. The high speed at which sorting is possible, makes it perfect for industries in which time is of the essence. Here are some of the key features and benefits of this unique sorting system:


  • Exceptional sorting speed – fastest close deck sortation system of its kind available, featuring a speed of 3 m/sec.
  • Fully-closed deck system – although closed deck sortation systems exist, the MHS Vanriet HC Sorter is the only fully-closed sorting deck, which means a significant reduction in the risk of product and sorter damage as the result of pollution or dust build-up. This also translates into highly efficient sorting and lower maintenance.
  • Ability to handle poly-bags and boxes with equal ease – the slide-shoe principle allows for gentle product handling to minimise the risk of product damage.
  • High sorting capacity – double and single-sided sorting versions are available. The single-side system allows for smaller spaces between packages With this technology, exceptionally high-speed sorting can take place.


Want to Know More?


Download the brochure here for more information about the sorting capabilities of the HC Sorter. Also for an easy-to-follow explanation of its workings and the advantages for your e-commerce and courier sorting operations.


Specifically designed for producers, manufacturers and/or distributors only sorting small parcels, the HC Smalls Sorter is the right fit.


Final Thoughts


Benefit from cost-efficient, high-speed and low-noise sorting to get parcels to the right distribution points without risking damage. Get in touch for more information about the HC Sorter as one of the most advanced sortation systems available today.



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