Choosing an Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Omni-Mole® vs Fixed Aisle Stacker Cranes?


An effective automated storage and retrieval system helps to streamline warehouse operations. Improved product handling, reduced labour costs and better item traceability are some of the benefits. However, the conventional fixed aisle stacker cranes have limitations. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to overcome these limitations through the compact, easy to assemble and highly scalable Omni-Mole® AS/RS.


Omni-Mole® vs conventional fixed-aisle AS/RS


To fully comprehend why the Omni-Mole® is superior when it comes to automated storage and retrieval systems, let’s compare it with the more conventional technology of fixed-aisle AS/RS stacker cranes.


Faster Speed of Assembly


In any warehouse or distribution centre, the speed and efficiency of operations are pivotal for profitability. Every minute lost in initial installing or moving, dissembling and re-assembling, of equipment or a system, equals a slow-down in operations. Because of the modular design, the Omni-Mole® system can be installed faster than the conventional fixed-aisle stacker crane AS/RS. This enables seamless moving of the Omni-Mole® AS/RS to a new location within the warehouse or between two facilities.


Improved Scalability


The conventional fixed-aisle stacker cranes are specialised units and the system is designed according to the throughput figures and storage requirements, as stated on the day. Not only does this limit the usability of these systems, but will also be costly to scale the system for future growth., More With the Omni-Mole® system, shuttles can be added onto as needed or scaled down to meet current throughput needs.


Improved Energy Efficiency and Lower Carbon Footprint


A much higher loadbearing capacity is required for the floor with a stacker crane system, weighing up to 20 tons in comparison to the Omni-Mole® units that weigh only 450 kg (992lb) each. The stacker crane also uses more energy as opposed to the Omni-Mole® units.


Higher Holding Density with Reduced Floor Space Usage

To achieve high density with the conventional systems, exceptionally high cranes must be used, but is still limited to store only one or two pallets deep and requires much more aisles for the crane to travel, taking up a lot of floor space. With the Omni-Mole® a higher storage density is possible because there is no limit on the number of pallet positions in the storage lane. Space usage is directly related to the functionality needed.


Easier Maintenance and Repair


The Omni-Mole® has fewer components than the stacker cranes. These components are more accessible, helping to reduce the time it takes to locate, repair or replace a component.


High Redundancy Solution


It is expensive and often challenging to quickly replace or repair a broken-down stacker crane as opposed to being able to keep operations going with Omni-Mole® shuttles and Vertical Transfer Units (VTU’s)because of redundancy.


Installation Flexibility


Stacker cranes cannot be installed in facilities that have stepped or sloped roofs whereas the Omni-Mole® system’s design can be adapted to facility designs.


More Reasons to Choose the Omni-Mole® AS/RS system


The newer technology addresses the shortcomings of conventional stacker crane automated storage and retrieval systems through features and functionalities such as:


  • Perpetual stock count – automatic stock count of the pallets and matching thereof with the pallets in the database, with differences flagged.
  • Stock traceability – benefit from increased stock security because items are traceable through bar codes or RFID tags.
  • Senior fully-automated modes –forklift operators can add pallets to the system or collect on outbound from the system, while a fully automated system, handles the process from raw materials to palletised products, and the distribution thereof.


Discover more information here (under Dynamic) about the benefits, features and functionalities of this innovative and reliable automated storage and retrieval system.


What is the final verdict?


If you want to maximise space usage while reducing energy use, improve productivity and increase control over stock, then the Omni-Mole® leads the way as an advanced automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for warehouses. Get in touch for more information on this technology that gives you more flexibility in pallet storage, improved automation and better use of resources.

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