Implementing an Automated Storage System

The Various Automated Storage Systems and How They Work   Just as automation has led to marked changes within the manufacturing industry, it has also been responsible for transforming how many warehouses and distribution centres now manage their stored goods. Rather than relying on workers to pick and pack items by hand or on forklift…

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Pallet Storage for Your Business

Pallet Storage – Choosing the Best System for your Business   The majority of warehouses today rely on some form of pallet storage for, at least, a portion of their inventory. When chosen with care, these systems can significantly increase both the productivity and profitability of a business. While installing a single system may be sufficient in…

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Pallet Storage Systems

The Evolution of Pallet Storage Systems   Before the 1920s, goods were packed into kegs, barrels, boxes, and wooden crates or onto simple skids for transport purposes. With the invention of the forklift truck, the skid was modified to produce the more sophisticated units that would become the mainstay of modern pallet storage systems. Ideal…

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Storage Management Systems (Automated and Semi-Automated)

It’s Time to Automate your Pallet Storage System   Warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants share a common need. They all need to store items in bulk. Recently, many businesses in these categories have suffered severe setbacks as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. Interestingly, those warehouses that had installed automated…

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Automated Storage and Retrieval System

The Benefits of an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)   In recent decades, warehouses and other bulk storage facilities have grown to become key components of a retail and wholesale supply chain that serves to expedite the distribution of goods both at home and abroad. Until the 1960s, when the earliest automated storage and…

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